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Bubba Kush

Top quality hemp flowers with a very high concentration of CBD as a result of a combination with a pure Indica variety. A smooth coffee and chocolate aroma to intensify the relaxing effect.


Aromatic, high quality hemp flowers with dark green shade for a stimulating, energizing and refreshing effect. Can be used as a substitute for coffee or green tea.

Magic Mix

A blend of the most famous and popular hemp varieties. Rich aroma and delicate flavour brings a soothing effect after a busy and stressful day. High content of cannabinoids and terpenes makes it distinguished by its high therapeutic properties.


THC < 0.2% – CBD 4% – 1g


Aroma & flavor: Lemon / Caramel

Another very famous strain in the Netherlands, Amnesia gives off a powerful, unique smell that has established an excellent reputation for itself since it was introduced on the market in the 90s. A guaranteed value for a wide audience that ensures its longevity for eternity.

Orange Bud

Aroma & flavor: Orange / Pine

Orange Bud is a cannabis variety from the skunk genetics family. Popularized in Europe for its natural aroma and attractive price, its name comes from its dense and resinous buds which are covered in orange pistils. A strain that travels through time without aging!


Aroma & flavor: Earthy / Cheese

Largely spread throughout Europe since the 90s, Skunk is one of those strains you don’t need to introduce anymore. Thanks to a fully convinced and faithful audience, this strain ranks at the top of the best sellers which earns it a place of choice on the counters.

Pineapple Express

Aroma & flavor: Lemon / Floral

Its citrusy smell and its original name, inspired by the popular comedy “Pineapple Express”, are the reason for its immediate success. This strain intrigues experts around the world for its new kind of exotic flavor. Its higher than average CBD level will certainly convince the undecided.




Pre-rolls 100% made of dried hemp. Thanks to the specially selected blend of hemp, delicate in taste. Perfect alternative to enjoy the ritual of smoking without tobacco and nicotine. Pure nature!


The first CBD pre-rolls on the market made of a premium hemp blend with a mint flavour. Rich taste of organic mint perfectly compliments dried hemp. Pure nature.


Top quality pre-rolls with high CBD content. Clear and strong in flavour with a rich hemp aroma. Perfect for connoisseurs! High content of cannabinoids and terpens provides high therapeutic values. Pure nature! No synthetic additives!.

Discolorations appearing on pre-rolls blotting paper are a natural phenomenon and are due to the specific nature of the dried hemp used in production. High-quality dried hemp contains aromatic oils – terpenes, which due to their oily form may cause discoloration. This is not a quality defect.


For rolling

Blue Dream

The latest variety of green and soft flower with a typical hemp scent. During smoking, it releases gradually, a fresh, fruity notes that develops into acidic and woody accents, combined with a sweet but light aroma. A flavour comparable to German Riesling wine brings light refreshment and a moment of relax during the day.


A hemp variety of slender and intensely green flowers with a characteristic mandarin note and a lime aftertaste. Reminiscent flavour of refreshing, juicy Californian white winethe perfect chillout for the atrernoon.


A product for connoisseurs who appreciate a strong and spicy flavour ending smoothly in the final stage. Dark green, sticky flower with red hairs and lots of amber trichomes with a tough hemp scent. It evokes the south of Europe and a glass of red wine with distinct notes of dark, ripe fruit. Due to its high cannabinoid and terpene content, it has very good therapeutic properties.


One step away from falling in love with shiny, bright green hemp flowers with an intense citrus fragrance. Let the romance last all day.

Purple Can

A unique, delightful, purple hemp flower, sweet and seductive fruity fragrance that turns to juicy sour citrus after a while. Randez-vous in the early evening